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South Asian Ministries

The director at South Asian Ministries came to Tidemark Creative looking to partner and rebrand for an upcoming national conference.

Project Year:

The Challenge

South Asian Ministries needed a breath of fresh air and a new paint job, to an outdated brand that would no longer capture the attention of the current generation. In an era full of turmoil and despair, we needed to create a brand and campaign that combat that ideology. Most people do not realize that South Asians represent a large portion of our local cities and that there is a need for specialized outreach and programs to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal was to create a campaign that would, in return, increase monthly and annual monetary commitments, that would allow further programs, as well as educate others on the mission of the ministry.

The Solution

We needed to start at the base of the brand and campaign, with the logo. We created a logo that reflected the dominate color of every country in South Asia. The piece of wheat that dots the “i” represents the harvest of every “individual” within this region.

The new tagline would reflect the mission and drive of the ministry. To spread the word that there still is “Hope for the Nations”. That the South Asians represented in North America will not be overlooked and will be an active focus of the local church.

We created a Trade Show display to be used at a national conference in St. Louis, MO as well as additional promotional material. Some of the additional material included pins, magnets and a brochure presenting the mission and housing a detachable monetary commitment form.

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