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Ford Design Client Agreement

Hey there!

We're super excited to have you join us on this awesome web design and branding adventure with Tidemark Creative LLC (Designer) and Ford Design. Before we dive in, let's make sure we're on the same page. Here's what you need to know:

Project Specifics:
We'll dive into the specifics of your project scope, completion timeline, and payment terms separately. We want to ensure everything aligns perfectly with your needs. Let's create something extraordinary together!

Delivery of Content:
You're the content maestro! We're counting on you to provide those fantastic images and content within 5-10 business days. Think of it as the fuel that drives our creative engine. Meeting these deadlines will help us keep the momentum going and ensure a timely completion.

No Communication and Dormant Project Policy:
We understand that life can get hectic, but effective communication is key to the success of our project. If we don't hear back from you within 14 days, we'll send you a friendly reminder to keep things on track. However, if 30 days go by without any response, we may need to hit the pause button and put the project on hold. In the event that the project goes dormant past the scheduled launch date, it will be considered canceled.

But fear not! If you're ready to jump back in and revive the project within the project timeline, we can make it happen with a 20% fee of the total project cost. We understand that life happens and circumstances can change, so this fee allows us to pick up where we left off and continue working together towards creating an exceptional website.

Please note that in the event of project cancellation, there will be no refunds. We want to be transparent about this policy to set the right expectations. Additionally, should the project be canceled, a new quote will be necessary to start a new project. We're here to provide you with exceptional service and create amazing results, and this policy ensures that we can effectively manage and deliver outstanding outcomes for each project.

Revisions and Feedback:
Collaboration is the name of the game. For logo designs, we'll present you with multiple options to choose from. Once you've made your selection, we'll dive into two rounds of revisions to ensure it's absolutely perfect. We value your input and want to create a logo that truly represents your brand.

When it comes to websites, we'll present you with the initial design for review. From there, we'll work together through two rounds of revisions to fine-tune every detail and bring your vision to life. Your timely feedback within 5 working days will help us keep the creative juices flowing and maintain the project's momentum.

Bug Fixes and Code Issues:
We strive for perfection, but we're only human. If any bugs or code issues pop up, we'll jump into action like superheroes coming to the rescue. Just let us know, and we'll fix things up promptly, ensuring a smooth and glitch-free end result.

Rights and Ownership:
This is your project, and we want you to feel like a rockstar. You'll have complete ownership of the design you choose—whether it's a logo that perfectly represents your brand or a web design that makes jaws drop. We'll keep all the other design options we present as our own little creative babies. So, get ready to showcase your brand's awesomeness!

Refund Policy:
Once you've made a payment, consider it a commitment to the project. We're dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, and as such, we don't offer refunds. We're confident that together we'll create something extraordinary that you'll absolutely love.

By signing below, you're letting us know that you've read, understood, and are ready to rock this web design and branding project with Tidemark Creative LLC!

By signing this agreement electronically, you're confirming your commitment to partnering with Tidemark Creative LLC for your web design and branding project. Let's take this journey to new heights!

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