Has it ever occurred to you that having a website can help your business grow in many different ways? If you are still having doubts, let’s delve deeper and find out why you need to set up your own website.

Having a business without a website is like building a house without using the proper materials. If you are running a small business and witness no noticeable progress, it is high time you realized that you may be doing something wrong.

You may be wondering if your business needs its own website or not. Well, the short answer would be YES. You will absolutely need a good and professionally designed website to broaden your influence and raise your conversion rates.

Think about it for a second. It’s 2019 and the internet has dominated the entire world. Retailers are slowly disappearing and the traditional ways of the trade are undermined by the new possibilities of online marketing. 

That is why you need a website for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Statistics have tracked a 97% increase in web traffic in the last couple of years. Here, we list some of the reasons that will convince you to set up your own website to promote your business. 

People Are Actually Searching For You Online!

In this era, people will search for pretty much anything online, including even remote or independent businesses.

If you own a website for your business, you can easily find your customers anywhere. Have you ever thought about why companies invest so much money to get a high SEO score for their websites?

There are 3.5 billion search queries on Google per day. Consider the highly likely possibility of someone around your area searching about your business and missing out on the services that you may provide for them. Nowadays, faith in the traditional ways of running a business can cost you many potential customers or clients.

Without Online Presence, Customers Will Not Take You Give You Much Attention!

Conscious and well-informed businessmen are calling this era the third industrial revolution. E-commerce is gradually becoming the only reliable source of progress for thriving businesses and that is why having an online presence is one of the most rudimentary and essential steps to take, that is, if you wish to see progress! 

A website is one of your most important marketing assets. In the United States, people spend an average of 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. 

People will not take your business as seriously as they should unless they see a strong online presence. The interesting and rather bizarre fact is that most people put their trust in companies that have a strong online presence, without which your business is going to seem less efficient and trustworthy. 

75% of Consumers Judge Your Credibility Based on the Design of Your Website!

To realize that people will not pay much attention to you without an online presence is nothing compared to this next important fact; In a 2018 survey, 75% of people admitted that they judge a company’s credibility based on the design of their website. 

A website is probably the first thing a customer might encounter when they want to get to know your business better. As transparent as it might sound, the sheer existence of a website is not going to be enough. 

Your website should be well-designed in an effort to impress the customer within the first few seconds and suck them in for a while. The more they spend discovering what you do, the more likely it is that they will become your customers.

A Website is a Powerful Tool to Quickly Answer the Basic Questions!

People visit your website because they are looking for something specific. It might be an issue, or a need, or something else altogether. Obviously, they have a lot of questions, both about the issue at hand and the services that you can provide as a company. 

When people enter a store looking to buy something or hire your services, they always have questions, and they find the answers to these questions quite comforting. A website is a powerful tool to bestow this comfort to your potential customers and make them trust you in a swift manner.

People expect the information to be handed to them immediately. So, your website should cover them as best as possible without requiring further research or scrolling through endless pages of content. 

If you are running a small business and haven’t set up a website yet, this may be your opportunity to get back in the race and give something of value to your business, without which you will be crushed by the competitive scene of your industry. 

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